New styles! So new we haven't put them up on the web site yet!
So if you're interested in some very cute tops all under $40.00 for now....
Give us a call at 1-800 552-webs and well tell you all about:
The Twinkie Top (spaghetti strapped crop)
The Black Widow Top (waist length tube with a red spot on the back)
The Heartstrings Top (waist length sleeveless boat neck with heart cut front and back)
The Sunflower Top (waist length sleeveless boat neck with flower cut front and sunburst in back)
The Madrigal Top (long sleeved midrifF length with long fringe ties)

Introducing the most fun you can have in clothes!
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Body Webs start with high quality spandex activewear. We cut them individually, by hand, with a scissors into sexy openwork patterns that flow gracefully over and around the body. It's a time consuming craft but the effect is worth it. Really comfortable strong sexy clothes that go beyond the bedroom in styles designed to enhance and flatter any body. They emphasize and define your best curves, create the illusion of more where you have less and less where you have more. Our styles are all "street and beach legal" for wherever you go to be noticed and admired.We have your size from 4 to 24. And, after fitting thousands of guys and gals across the USA and beyond, we know that every body looks hot and has a blast in Body Webs.

Since 1990 we've brought our unique playwear to biker rallys, swingers conventions, kinky fetish fashion clubs, nudist resorts and exotic costume events all over the country. Everyone loves 'em! Our customers return each year for more, bringing their friends and telling wonderful tales of their adventures wearing Webs. Now we're ready to web the world with a "Body Website" as unique and playful as our clothes.

The "Wear and Care" pages have lots of information on how to get the most out of each style, and the "Scrapbooks" show our friends, all shapes and sizes, looking good and having fun in Webs. For some serious silliness check the "Wit and Wisdom of Webs". Specials change monthly and online ordering is coming. If all this isn't up yet when you visit, it will be soon - we're impatient too!

So greetings to old friends and welcome to those of you just now first discovering
Body Webs - the most fun you can have in clothes!

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