Hello Body Web fans and friends,

In 12 years of business there have been lot’s of surprises. I was surprised when the look never got old, sales never dropped, serious competition never challenged and I never got rich.

Lately I’m surprised that when I mention or describe Body Webs to folks I’ve never met, most know just what I’m talking about. But nothing ever surprised me as much as seeing that Dior for the first time. It’s the most photographed suit of the season, and why not? It’s gorgeous, sexy and completely shapeless on a hanger just like Body Webs. Smart advertising for Dior and a total shock for us. Now what?

It took a week to sort out feellings and decide what to do. “You Go for it Girl!” seemed like the best idea. The Galliano is gorgeos but Garrett got there first. It’s time to tell the world. And thank you all for your continuing friendship and support.
Webbed Women have more Fun! (and Fashion too!)
       Isabel - the WebLady

For Immediate Release

The Hot Summer Look - Is that a Dior or
did you just buy it at Bike Week?

It started with a futuristic dance costume that game designer Isabel

Garrett made for herself in 1989. It grew into an outrageous line of

clothes called Body Webs.


For the past 12 years Isabel has traveled to nationwide biker events,

alternative lifestyle conventions and costume celebrations across the

country dressing thousands of women and men in comfortable cut up

bodywear that is sexy, visually dramatic and elegant. Customers

arriving in denim and leather leave enmeshed in “street legal” skin

tight spandex suits laced with as many as 450 hand cut holes.

Marketed via catalog and online at bodywebs.com, Webs have been

pictured in front page features , modeled on TV by rockers and

reporters, and profiled in biker magazines as far away as Japan and

Australia. Collectors write that the clothes change their lives,

bringing adventure and enhanced self esteem. Body Webs’ slogan “the

most fun you can have in clothes” is no exaggeration.


More artist and performer than savvy entrepreneur, Isabel has never

done a trade show. She's just cut the clothes and brought them to the

people. The petite, wise-cracking “WebLady” is a memorable character

who coaxes her customers with a Bronx accent “Stop pointing at your

belly and go try one on!” “You won't fall out the holes!” As the demand

for Webs grew she taught the neighbors to make them and continued

driving her motor home to as many as 18 shows a year. A cottage

industry in a central Florida resort, Body Webs is a small business with

a big impact.

How big an impact became evident when the latest in designer

swimsuits hit the fashion mags. A quirky smudged model wearing

slashed spandex in Vanity Fair left Ms. Garrett speechless. And, when

a stunningly sliced red “web” graced the May cover of Vogue, enthused

customers began calling with congratulations.


But the new fashions aren't Body Webs. They're Diors. John Galliano

has brought the webbed look to mainstream fashion. Isabel doesn't

believe it’s an intentional “knock-off”. She doubts that Galliano ever

heard of her or her company. But a Body Web once seen is never

forgotten and there's a lot of them out there. The Dior designer dubs

his line “trailer trash”. Biker chicks and other brave vacationers have

been strutting out in the moderately priced Webs for years. Many do

live in “manufactured housing” as does the designer herself (an ex-

Manhattanite) who believes her creations inspired the gorgeous $395.



And even if they didn't, the look is “in” and nobody does it better than

Body Webs. Isabel quips that while she may never meet anyone who

wears Dior, she's delighted to have influenced the world of important

fashion and is grateful to Galliano for the wake up call and the

incentive to publicize her work. Want a “designer look for less”?

Suits similar to the Dior sell for under $50. Much of the Body Webs line

will soon be available to the trade from Miami active wear maker

Textile Engineers of America. Calll John Auriemma: 800-872-9887 for



And this is not the first time Garrett's creativity has sparked a trend.

Remember games on video tape back in the 80s? Guess who started it

all by designing the “VCR Clue” game while working for Parker

Brothers! Sure, it’s true that employees seldom get rich, artists make

poor CEOs and “ahead of your time” means unknown. But in a world

where one can win wealth and fame by eating worms in the Outback,

this creative Survivor is due for a turn. The "Webbed Look" is IN!



Original hand crafted Body Webs are available online at www.bodywebs.com

For additional background see: www.bodywebs.com/aboutus.htm

or call cell #: 407-399-1962


A collection from the Body Webs including conservatively cut

adaptations for the general market will be available to retailers

through Miami activewear maker T. E.A.. Buyers call John Auriemma

800 872-9887 for appointments and details.

Cover Story - Vogue May 2001
Dior swimsuit $395

“Sweetheart Thong” $45.

Dior “trailer trash” ad in
April fashion media.

Isabel Garrett - BodyWebs designer
and road warrior.
“Gorgeous, but they did it the hard way.” says the spandex spider lady.

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